Wednesday, December 12, 2007

FLICKR PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE WEEK Wednesday, December 12, 200712, 2007

"It's What's Inside That Matters" is one of my personal favorites, from my Holy Cross Abbey set. It's straight out of the camera (with a vignette applied to enhance the reflections), which is rare for me, and I was thrilled to have captured the light from inside the Abbey while I was shooting the exterior of the Abbey. It was one of those times when I thought "Wow. I cannot believe how absolutely beautiful that is."

The day trip to the Holy Cross Abbey in Canon City, CO was spent with flickrfriend K Kay. K Kay and I had been corresponding via flickr, but had never met in person, until that day. It was a wonderful afternoon spent tasting wine, and shooting a great, historical Abbey and it's outbuildings! In addition, it was the beginning a true friendship. K Kay and I continue to take day trips to shoot, always seeking a new adventure and recording it with photographs. You'll see shots from our adventures throughout my stream.

I bought my Canon Rebel xti this past summer while recovering from surgery. I have always "dabbled" in photography and felt a need to do "something creative" during my recovery as I couldn't hike, bike, or go to work for six weeks. In a past life I had a commercial art business and you'll see that influence in my work. Typically, I will process the heck out of an image because I am drawn to photographs that are more like works of art. I have a true appreciation for photographs in their purest form; post-processing is simply part of what I love about the hobby.

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