Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's Your World - I'm Just A Visitor

Hello Everyone,

I am completely new to this "BLOG THANG" so please forgive me if I make any mistakes. I am a Digital Photographer who likes to take photographs and digitally manipulate them in Photoshop (So, what else is new!!). Well, I am also what coul be called a "Digital Voyeur". Not, and I repeat NOT in the pornogaphic sense of the word. I would like to have a little place where like minded DP's (Digital Photographers) can show and discuss their photos as well as a place where there can be discussions about Photoshop Methods, filters, plug-ins etc. Anyone who reads this and has an interest in this subject, I would be happy to hear and SEE from you.

So, just to start the ball rolling, I will start with a recently created photo that I took a few days ago in a cemetery in Ithaca, NY where I hav lived for the past couple of years. If you would like to see this image in bigger along with lots and lots of others. Feel free to visit my website at

Feel free to stop by, get comfortable and browser around.

Talk To Ya Again Soon,


Janice said... I really feel foolish since posting was as simple as clicking the title! Hi David!

BTW for anyone else who happens upon David's blog, I can attest to his talent as a PhotoShop wiz! He's done 4 book covers for me and people are really attracted to them.

Smoocherz said...

Thank You Janice. You are gracious as ever!!

Smoocherz said...

Keep those comments coming


Well David lovelly place:)Go on...:)